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time trigger
Is there a way to set a macro to trigger to go off at a certian time rather than say the creation of a window etc.?

sort of a QM crontab :lol:
Why not Windows Task Scheduler?
Oh, it's just such a hassle to create the schedule and then go through all the pswd/id and checkbox stuff just to have this macro run once or twice for this one particular thing im doing (then i have to remeber to go in and kill it if i dont choose the "delete if not scheduled").
In the next QM version it will be a bit shorter way. Also, schedules will be shown like other triggers in the list of macros.
Oooooo.....nice....when's it due out?
need an alpha tester? Big Grin
Not soon. Currently QM almost don't have nothing new except better integration with the Task Scheduler, so I don't think it will be interesting to you.

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