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Send TCP signal
what do you recommend to use for sending a single TCP packet?

i have setup my fritzbox router to allow waking up computers when a signal on a certain port arrives.

it does work with net, but net is waiting for response.
net("xx.xx.x.xx:5360" "anne" "wol")

should i run it as thread and kill it after some milliseconds?

i only need to send one tcp ping for now.

Search for TcpSocket in forum or Archive.qml.
did some tests but found not out to tell to disconnect.

please give me a simple example.

connect to server:port
send something tiny
Does not disconnect automatically? TcpSocket destructor calls Close, it calls sock_shutdown etc, it should disconnect.
what i need is to tell x.ClientConnect not to wait for anything.
just try ones to connect and end without any error.

#compile "__TcpSocket"
TcpSocket x.ClientConnect("" 5032)
Also try function IntCheckConnection.

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