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getfile and file length
Dear Gintaras,

I wonder whether there exists un upper limit on the size (bytes) that a string may accomodate via a str.getfile statement. I envisage problems in getting the file content if its length is more than about 4 Mb. Could you please advise and/or suggest an elegant - as always - way to overcome this problem. Many thanks, Best Regards.
Depends on how much memory can be allocated. On my PC can allocate more than 1 GB, but on some computers less, I don't know all reasons.
This works on my PC.
Macro Macro2422
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str s.all(1024*1024*1024 2) ;;1GB
out s.len
Big files should be read in parts, eg in 64KB parts. str.getfile by default reads whole file. It also can read part of file. Or use CreateFile/ReadFile instead. Or use database.

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