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Question on SetListHeight function
I saw this article about SetListHeight function way back in 2002 time frame.
The thing is this function is not working on my machine, no matter what I
change for the "height" value, it comes up with the same normal height.
Is there something wrong with it?
How to show all the list items in a display dialog box

Function SetListHeight
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function height

;Sets list dialog box height.
;Run using mac before list.

;str s = "Line1[]Line2[]Line3[]Line4[]Line5[]Line6[]Line7[]Line8[]Line9[]Line10[]Line11"
;mac "SetListHeight" "" 250
;sel list(s "Lines")
,;case 1 out "Line1"
,;case 2 out "Line2"
,;case 3 out "Line3"
,;case 4 out "Line4"
,;case 5 out "Line5"
,;case 6 out "Line6"
,;case 7 out "Line7"
,;case 8 out "Line8"
,;case 9 out "Line9"
,;case 10 out "Line10"
,;case 11 out "Line11"
,;case else out "Cancel"

rep 10
,int h=wait(5 WC win("" "#32770" "qm")); err ret
,int hc=child(4 "" "ListBox" h)
,;out "hc = %i" hc
,if(hc) break
if(!hc) ret

RECT r rc
GetWindowRect(h &r)
int diff=height-(
siz 10 h 1

GetWindowRect(hc &r)
siz 0 hc 1

hc=id(2 h)
GetWindowRect(hc &r)
GetClientRect(h &rc)
mov 0 rc.bottom-( hc
Use ListDialog(), not list(), then don't need to change height.
Macro Macro2333
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str s = "Line1[]Line2[]Line3[]Line4[]Line5[]Line6[]Line7[]Line8[]Line9[]Line10[]Line11"
list(s "Lines")
ListDialog(s "Lines")
Works like a charm!
Thanks a lot.

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