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bump left middle on second monitor
bump left middle (#11m2) is not working for me.

i have main 1600*1200 and second 1152*854.

how do i define bump filters for app windows, so that i can
slowly bump my mouse in the middle left of some window on the second screen ?

i also need qm to take control over screen workareas, like IE use only
1200*768 on screen 1.

Quote:#11m2 not working.
Probably because it is between monitor 1 and monitor 2. Bump triggers don't work in such areas.

It is impossible to make filter functions to make more bump triggers (with window edges, etc).
what about setting areas with a tiny margin in qm ?
like attaching a toolbar to a window which is 5px wider then the window and
which can be triggered on mouseover ?
and the toolbar has a transparent hole for the window.

i know its a bad description, but i hope you get my idea.
It is possible. Create 4 toolbars for each edge. Create single hook function and assign it to each toolbar. On WM_SETCURSOR, ...

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