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Quick Macros - Rerun Macro automatically
Good Afternoon,
I looked up this program for a data entry assignment I am currently working on. I was able to get Quickmacros to work but I'd like to be able to run the macro a specific number of times. Maybe like 10 times automatically after finishing its first cycle. Is this possible? And how?

Also I wanted to know if there was any information about the language used in this program. I'm a bit familiar with Java but being able to program and create macros might be the motivation I need to get deeper into programming.
Select macro text (Ctrl+A) and press Tab. It inserts tab before selected lines. Then add "rep 10" line at the beginning, without tab.

Macro Macro2361
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rep 10
,out "my"
,out "macro"

If need a counter variable:
Macro Macro2361
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int i
for i 0 10
,out "my"
,out "macro"
,out i

In Java it would be
for(int i=0; i<10; i++){

Quick Macros language - everything is in the help file.
Also look in Quick Macros window, Tips pane at the bottom, 'Code tips and examples'.
I just purchased a license, I have not tried to use this quite yet but I'm hoping to learn more. Thank you for the quick response!

Is it possible to delay the macro a few seconds per step? The program I am working with has a loading lag period which seems random. I'm hoping I could delay each step a bit so the whole thing doesn't dsync...
Look in help file:



Quick start
Ill look it up, I noticed when I added the Spe the rep didn't work...

Can you use both together? (I used multiple Spe 100) after specific steps. It didn't run though my cycle 10 times. It just ran once.
spe sets autodelay that is inserted only after keyboard, mouse, clipboard and some other commands. Example:

Macro Macro2361
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spe 1000 ;;set to wait 1000 milliseconds after some commands
rep 3
,paste "this will paste this text and wait 1000 milliseconds as set with spe[]"
,key "this will wait too[]"
,out "this will not wait"
,wait 2 ;;wait 2 seconds

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