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add bitmap file to scan to exe

How can i add the file to an exe so this can be found in a standalone app?

scan "Function9.bmp" child("Chrome Legacy Window" "Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND" w10) 0 1|2|4 0 a1 ;; 'Chrome Legacy Window'

i mean the function9.bmp Smile

In dialog 'Make exe' check 'Auto add files...'. In macro replace "Function9.bmp" to ":5 Function9.bmp". For other files use other numbers instead of 5.

In QM 2.4.1 and later, usually the best way is to store images in macro resources, not in files. Then, when creating exe, used images are automatically added to exe resources.
When you capture an image with dialog 'Find image', the captured image is added to macro resources by default. Or you can import image files to macro resources: in dialog 'Resources' click Add. If importing, in macro also need to replace "Function9.bmp" to the resource name.

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