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0x800700AA, The requested resource is in use (SHDocVw)
I am getting the following error:
0x800700AA, The requested resource is in use.

It happens at this line: we3.Navigate(navigate_sidepanel_to), see below.

I have truncated some code to keep it readable

Function akdnotes_dlg
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SHDocVw.WebBrowser we3
Shell32.ShellFolderView fv
Shell32.FolderItem fi

Function akdnotes_dlg
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,case WM_APP+177
,,out "message ok:"
,,__SharedMemory sm
,,lpstr m=sm.Open("Global\AkelPad")
,,str incoming_path=m
,,,we3._getcontrol(id(3 hDlg))

It regards a dialog that acts as a side panel on a texteditor.
When the texteditor switches from tab OR opens new textfile, the side panel has a "SHDocVw.WebBrowser" (created in QM) which switches to a certain folder.
The error occurs when I open a file that is already opened, the QM code gives me the error
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Error (RT) in <open ":9: /2913">akdnotes_dlg:  0x800700AA, The requested resource is in use.    <help #IDP_ERR>?

At this line
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The texteditor is AkelPad and I am currently trying to solve it script wise from AkelPad's side.
But I was hoping If there was some kind of "checking mechanism" that checks if the resource within "we3.Navigate(navigate_sidepanel_to)" is in use.
(I do not know If am using the correct terms here)

(pseudo code) something like:
if (we3.Navigate not in use)
What string is in navigate_sidepanel_to?
If it is a local file, use CreateFile to try to open it. Will fail if locked.

int fileHandle=CreateFileW(@navigate_sidepanel_to ...)
if(fileHandle=-1) out _s.dllerror
Thank you for the info!!!

navigate_sidepanel_to = the folder location of the file that is opened in the text-editor AkelPad (or the folder location of the clicked tab).
If folder, don't know, CreateFile will not help.
Ok, thank you!!!
(I might have found a way to do it from AkelPad's side!)

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