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Run macro in different user's console
Hi ,

1. Windows system having user : user1 and user2

1. Can we run macros developed by user1 in user2's console.
2. Our aim is to run all the macros in User2's console and make use of user1's console for development.

Thanks in advance....

Quote:Can we run macros developed by user1 in user2's console.
console == the currently active user session ?

Multiple users on a computer can share the same QM file, if it is in a shared location. Use a shared file, don't use the same main file on both user accounts.

From QM Help -> Network setup -> Sharing and deploying QM files:
Quote:If you want to use same QM file (thereafter file F) on multiple computers or user accounts simultaneously:

Note that in QM 2.4.0 has been changed file format and the way QM opens files.
While a file is open in QM, other QM instances (computers/accounts) cannot open it, unless all open it as read-only.
Each computer/user must have its own main file. Add file F to the main file as a shared file (menu File -> Import). It will create a virtual folder with S letter on folder icon, where items from file F will be loaded.
Normally only single computer (thereafter computer A) should open file F as editable. To prevent other computers opening it as editable (and making unavailable for computer A), on that computers in QM right click the S folder and check Folder Properties -> Shared file -> Load local read-only copy.
When you make changes in file F on computer A, on other computers QM will load file F (or its copy) when starting or reloading main file. Note that QM does not write changes to .qml files immediately; read more in the QM files topic.

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