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How to run macro in backend

I have developed QM on window for below scenario:
1. Login to the Application
2. Go to download option and download required files.
3. Zip all the files and save .zip in shared folder with specific name.
4. Email .zip file to application owner.

1. Can I run recorded macro in back end(if system is locked / if I am working on different task when macro is running)?
2. Can we run two macro simultaneously?
3. What if desktop is locked?

Thanks in advance....!! :-)

Recorded macros will not work in background.
If computer is locked, QM can unlock it. Look in Properties dialog, Macro properties.
Macros that use keyboard or mouse always work with the active window. You cannot work on different task when the macro is running.
Two macros simultaneously cannot run. Functions can. You can convert macro to function in Properties dialog.
Hi Gintaras ,

Thanks for information...


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