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Detect multiple keys
First of all hello to all QM users Smile

Okay guys, I am using QM for a year already, but I didn't use it for more complex stuff. And this time I need your help. Tongue
I am trying to make a macro that reacts on Lshift+some key. But its not just one key and one reaction. It should be like:
Lshift + q = sendkeys "qqq"
Lshift + w = sendkeys "www"
Lshift + e = sendkeys "eee"
You get the point..The thing is that I don't even know where to start. I know about -wait for key- function but it doesn't let me use more than one key.I hope you understand my problem,and sorry for my bad English.
Need hotkeys to use in macro instead of QM triggers? Try __RegisterHotKey class.
Examples: run macro in background (activate chrome window on keypress)
Ouch,could you help me out a bit more?
It should look something like this xD
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__RegisterHotKey hk1.Register(0 1 MOD_SHIFT q) ;;unknown indentifier
__RegisterHotKey hk2.Register(0 2 MOD_SHIFT w)
case WM_HOTKEY ;;case without sel
    case 1
    key "qqq"
    case 2
    key "www"
In first line I tried using shift + 1 and it works,I don't know how to use letters instead of other buttons.
And the sel command is kinda blurred to me..
Macro __RegisterHotKey example
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;Shows how to use __RegisterHotKey to use hotkeys in a windowless thread.
;This should be function, not macro, because runs all the time.

__RegisterHotKey hk1.Register(0 1 MOD_CONTROL|MOD_SHIFT VK_F5)
;also can register more hotkeys, for example
__RegisterHotKey hk2.Register(0 2 MOD_CONTROL 'B')

,if(GetMessage(&m 0 0 0)<1) break
,sel m.message
,,case WM_HOTKEY
,,sel m.wParam
,,,case 1 ;;Ctrl+Shift+F5 pressed
,,,mac "Function_that_does_something_on_Ctrl_Shift_F5"
,,,case 2
,,,out "Ctrl+B"
,DispatchMessage &m
Hi Gintaras, hi all

what happens if I register an hotkey already owned by windows OS??

like Win+x, CTL-c, CTRL-v etc etc
Register() returns 0.
Ctrl+C etc are not owned.

Macro Macro2297
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__RegisterHotKey hk;
if(!hk.Register(0 2 MOD_WIN 'R')) end "failed"
It is quite confusing but it works Big Grin
Thank you very much.

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