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'Lock current file' option
Just belatedly upgraded to 2.4 and I see there is no longer a "Lock current file" option under the Security tab. Is it no longer possible to password the opening of the program window? It was fundamental to the way I used QM. Without it I would have to encrypt lots of macros (tiresome) and put up with having the search history exposed.
Create this function and assign trigger 'QM events -> QM show'. Here "x" is password, change it.
Function PasswordToShowQm
Trigger @16     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
EnableWindow _hwndqm 0
Transparent _hwndqm 0
int show=inpp("x" "Password to show QM")
Transparent _hwndqm 256
EnableWindow _hwndqm 1
if(show) act _hwndqm
else clo _hwndqm

But it will not work if QM is running in safe mode, when F8 key is pressed when QM is starting.
Thanks for the suggestion. It doesn't quite work for me though for a couple of reasons:
1. I actually use QM macros to enter all my passwords! It isn't possible to do that using this function because the function is still running.
2. A bigger problem - after entering the password once, the program window is subsequently openable without password from the system tray.

The old 'Lock current file' option was ideal because it threw up a password box every time which I could automatically fill in with a QM macro. I miss it so much I think I will have to stick with v2.3...
I think you use wrong trigger. Must be 'QM show', not 'QM started'.
I used trigger @16 and the function exactly as provided so I don't think that's the problem. Opening the QM window using this method just seems to be quite erratic. It takes several attempts clicking on QM in the tray to get the password box up. What mainly happens is that QM flashes up momentarily then disappears.

Also, (I discovered by accident) that it is sometimes possible to open the QM window using this function by putting in the wrong password.

It's not quite doing what I need, but I can live with it for now. If you can bring back the "Lock current file" option in the next version, that would be great.
In trigger 'QM show' added option 'synchronous'. Can be used to show a password dialog and don't allow to show QM window.
Function show_qm
Trigger @16 0x1     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
if(!inpp("p" "Password to show window" "Quick Macros")) ret 1

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