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Cannot open file error
I have a spreadsheet that I need to extract the data from and have it entered in a form on my web site. It actually worked once for 1 of 3 test entries but, now, it just continually says Cannot Open file. Nothing changed, it's the same file it opened before! We just purchased 3 licenses and, I'm wondering why we did at this point, there's no reason for this failure. I've slowed the timing down to a crawl.....any ideas before I completely scrap this and chalk it up to a lesson learned about products like this.

Here's the macro....(and yes, I did create a directory off the root of C on purpose) Really? I can't post URLs that are part of the script....really?

---- Enter New Customer data using Amanda's Spreadsheet ----
str browser
str controls = "1001"
str cb1001Bro
cb1001Bro="&Chrome[]Opera[]Firefox[]Internet Explorer[]"
if(!ShowDialog("New_CustomerWSAG" 0 &controls)) ret
out browser

;; edit the path in the next statement to point to the desired spreadsheet
ExcelSheet es.Init("Customers" 8 "C:\Macro_Test\test_0502.xlsx")
ARRAY(str) cust
es.CellsToArray(cust "")
int c w r rr
DateTime t0 t1 tt

str id1="a:id=emailAddressInput"
str id2="a:id=billingEmailAddressInput"
int cn=0

if browser="0 Chrome"
w=act(win("10-4 Marketplace * Google Chrome" "" "" 1))
else if browser="2 Firefox"
w=act(win("10-4 Marketplace * Mozilla Firefox" "" "" 1))
else if browser="3 Internet Explorer"
w=act(win("10-4 Marketplace * Internet Explorer" "" "" 1))
else if browser="1 Opera"
w=act(win("10-4 Marketplace * Opera" "" "" 1))
out browser
for rr 1 50
if cust[0 rr]=""
goto endmacro
out rr
spe 500
opt slowkeys 1
Acc siteName.Find(w "" "" "a:id=customerNameInput")
spe 200
'F"{cust[0 rr]}" T ;; Customer Name
if cust[1 rr]="Broker" ;; Customer Type
'DTST F"{cust[2 rr]}" ;; MC#
else if cust[1 rr]="Shipper"
'DDTST F"{cust[3 rr]}" ;; EIN#
'F"{cust[4 rr]}" T ;; Website URL
'F"{cust[5 rr]}" T ;; Open credit Amount
spe 100
'F"{cust[6 rr]}" T ;; Customer Description
spe 200
'F"{cust[7 rr]}" T ;; Order Status Email
'F"{cust[8 rr]}" T ;; Work Address Line 1
'F"{cust[9 rr]}" T ;; Work Address Line 2
'F"{cust[10 rr]}" T ;; Work Postal Code
0.5 ;; wait to find postal code
'F"{cust[11 rr]}" T ;; Work City
'F"{cust[12 rr]}" T ;; Work State
Acc emailWork.Find(w "" "" id1)
'F"{cust[13 rr]}" T ;; Work Email
'F"{cust[14 rr]}" T ;; Work Phone
'F"{cust[15 rr]}" T ;; Work Phone Extension
'F"{cust[16 rr]}" T ;; Work Fax
if cust[17 rr]="Yes"
'VT ;; Billing Address Same as Work Address
goto billsame
'F"{cust[18 rr]}" T ;; Billing Address Line 1
'F"{cust[19 rr]}" T ;; Billing Address Line 2
'F"{cust[20 rr]}" T ;; Billing Postal Code
0.5 ;; wait to find postal code
'F"{cust[21 rr]}" T ;; Billing City
'F"{cust[22 rr]}" T ;; Billing State
Acc emailBilling.Find(w "" "" id2)
'F"{cust[23 rr]}" T ;; Billing Email
'F"{cust[24 rr]}" T ;; Billing Phone
'F"{cust[25 rr]}" T ;; Billing Phone Extention
'F"{cust[26 rr]}" T ;; Billing Fax
spe 250
'TV ;; Add Customer

Acc cnd.Find(w "PUSHBUTTON" "Create New Customer" "a:class=btn btn-default btn-primary[]a:data-bind=click: function ()")


0 "" 0x90C80AC8 0x0 0 0 150 100 "Select Browser"
1001 ComboBox 0x54230243 0x0 24 14 96 213 "Browser"
1 Button 0x54030001 0x4 22 80 48 14 "OK"
2 Button 0x54030000 0x4 78 80 48 14 "Cancel"
DIALOG EDITOR: "" 0x2030605 "*" "0" "" ""
Can open the file with other functions? Example:
Copy      Help

If only es.Init line fails, replace the line to:
Copy      Help
ExcelSheet es.Init
Then open the file in Excel before starting this macro.

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