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Send key <Delete> doesn't work in windows 8.1
Greetings ,
I have very recently upgraded my system to windows 8.1 pro english 64bit
And installed/imported all of the old settings of QM.

My good old macro doesnt work in windows 8.1 in certain situations.

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key X           ;; Delete

Bound to alt+q

It deletes text etc in a text program but it doesnt delete the focused file in folder window as it used to , in windows 7.
I dont want anything special , i just want to bind alt+q to regular DELETE .

Thanks !
I guess it has something to do with folder window grabbing my alt and not letting me do anything with alt combined hotkeys.
Because everywhere else , alt+q works and sends the proper delete command..

I have also put a message box after the delete key and within the folder window .
Delete command doesnt delete the file but the message box is being showed.
So the macro works , it just doesnt delete the file.

Any ideas ?
Here too. And I could not find a good workaround. Other keys work, for example F2, arrows. In Explorer can replace X to Md, but it often is slow because shows the context menu.
Use some other trigger, without Alt.
Well i dont know what prevents the macro from working in this particular situation , but if it helps this piece of code seemed to work for me .
Maybe it will help you to find the real cause behind the issue.

What i did was to re-focus on window and send the delete key again. Adjusted to work only with this particular folders window.

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spe -1

int w=win("Program Manager" "Progman")
int w1=win()
str wcc.getwinclass(w1)

if wcc="CabinetWClass"
    key X           ;; Delete    
    ret -2

key X           ;; Delete

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