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[solved] shutdown quickmacros while function is running?

i need a way to completely shutdown a function or better yet, quickmacros when functions(s) are running.

background story: I was testing a complicated function using just the debug > step, and I had it activate the wrong window (bad coding) and it went insane by changing a bunch of settings I never intended. I couldn't kill it with ctrl+alt+del - the window wouldn't show. Meanwhile, the function wouldn't stop because it was looping. It was a complete nightmare. I really need to avoid that again.

Create exe with ShutDownProcess that kills qm process, and run the exe.

How can I run it though when my qm function is completely taken over all my computer? It's basically running my code, which is a series of loops and commands. I wasn't even able to right click qm's tasktray icon to exit.
If QM is not hung, can instead use normal function with a trigger eg F12.
Function exit_qm
Trigger F12     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
Else need exe. Try to create shortcut to exe and set a hotkey for the shortcut.
Good stuff. Thanks.

Any chance you can help me solve the mystery at [solved] icsv - v.Cell - breaks after 10 loops
You solved it, incorrect row index.

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