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trigger, filter: selection bar (number gutter on leftside)
I wanted to experiment with the debug (Run > Debug).
But the only way to toggle a breakpoint was to Middle Click on the Selection bar (grey number gutter on the leftside of the code editor).
At the moment I have custom made popup menu that triggers when a middle click is done within one of the 2 (left/right) code editor panes.
The problem is that it also triggers on the grey selection bar (number gutter leftside code editor).

The complete trigger for the menu is as follows:
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trigger: Middle + EAT + When released
Program: Only QM


The following FF filter

Function FF_QM_extra_popupmenu
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;Allows starting macro when mouse pointer is on certain control.
function# iid FILTER&f
int controlid1 = 2210 ;;change control id
int controlid2 = 2211 ;;change control id

if(!f.hwnd2) ret -2
if(!wintest(f.hwnd "Quick Macros" "QM_Editor")) ret -2 ;;change window name and class
,ret iid
ret -2

Is there a way to also exclude the grey selection bar (number gutter leftside code editor).
If this is not possible, is it possible to toggle a breakpoint on different way (I could not find something in: Tools > Options > Hotkeys).
Yes, different cursor.

Macro Macro2242
Trigger F7     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
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CURSORINFO ci.cbSize=sizeof(ci)
if(!GetCursorInfo(&ci) || !(ci.flags&CURSOR_SHOWING)) ret
out ci.hCursor

On my computer, standard cursors have smaller numbers than custom cursors. If the numbers are similar, can compare cursor image CRC.
Thank you!!!

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