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I have a macro that reads a value in a website and stores it into a .txt file in a network drive.
Since last week, after 8/10h of the macro working, I started getting the error that it can't write.
I think the problem is related to the network drive, but still, and while the I.T. is looking over it, could it be a Quick Macros problem?

Difficult to say. Maybe if I see the code.
setfile opens file, writes, closes. Error in most cases when cannot open.
What is full error text? In recent QM versions, when setfile fails, it shows Windows API error text.
Perfect! I'll add the error code whenever I get it again.

The code is pretty simple:

Function teste3
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,out "Couldn't write file"
out F"Couldn't write file. {_error.description}"

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