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GetLastSelectedMenuItem parent item (submenu name)
Is it possible to get the full path and/or submenu menu when clicked on?
It is like the function GetLastSelectedMenuItem , but I need it to return the fullpath or at least the submenu item clicked on.

For example the below code, shows the menu "Menu 1"

it has a menu path
.root item
.root item
.root item
[dialog_clips] (submenu)
> [windows] (submenu)
> sub item
> sub item
> etc...

If I click on 'dialog_clips', the menu expands to submenu 'windows', in stead I would like to output "dialog_clips".
The same goes for the other sub menu's, for example if I would click on "windows" it would output
"dialog_clips\windows" (this is the full path).

I almost have a macro complete that creates a code snippet (in a new macro) from selected text and puts it into a menu.
The problem is that I can't "point" to the desired location within the submenu.

The menu itself already exists, and below is a part of it.
Menu code:
Menu Menu1
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Var output :mac "qmpop_output_var"
Open :mac "qmpop_OpenFileFolderQMeditor"
Replace :mac "qmpop_replace_inQM_editor"
,for loop from selected var :mac "qmpop_for_loop"
,create from selected :mac "qmpop_create_array"
,,gettxt :mac "qmpop_window_gettxt"            
,,hide/disable :mac "qmpop_window_hide"            
,,Get :mac "qmpop_checkbox_getval"    
,,Set :mac "qmpop_checkbox_setval"    
,,declare :mac "qmpop_ddlb_declare"
,,get selected ID :mac "qmpop_ddlb_get_selected_id"
,,get selected string :mac "qmpop_ddlb_get_selected_string"
,,add string item :mac "qmpop_ddlb_add_string_item"
,,set selected ID :mac "qmpop_ddlb_set_selected_id"
,,set selected string :mac "set_selected_string"

Maybe possible with "MenuGetString", but I do not how to produce the correct syntax
Cannot get submenu-item text.
To get normal item path, can parse menu text.
This code displays the selected menu line and all lines before. You can create path from it.
Macro Macro2215
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int i=mac("Menu1")-1
if(i<0) ret
ARRAY(str) a=_s.getmacro("Menu1")
for i i -1 -1
,out a[i]
thank you!!!!

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