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lparm wparm
I need an advice.
I've been using another program to determine lparm wparm and automate in this way.
I want know if I can do this from from quick macros.

For example: I want to be able to use a key for " right click the current chrome tab and select -close other tabs-"
or from any window to obtain "right click on desktop - Graphics options- Profiles- Display profiles - Profile 1" (There is no keyboard shortcut available in the graphics card properties)

I use something simmilar but I don't know how to get the codes:
;Next track without using WA's shortcuts
men 40046 win(" - Winamp" "Winamp v1.x") ;;Next
What is lparm wparm? How it is used in another program?
I use Girder for those codes.

Here is an example how to determine the code for winamp play:

In Girder you have a capture wide action page where all the actions are recorded (click, mouse move...) toghether with lparm and wparm (if they exist) wich are inner application codes for the actions produced by the user. For example if I click play in winamp in recorded events it shows mouse move, left click followed by lparm 0 and wparm 40045 = the result of my click on play. I can use those codes in girder, autohotkey to obtain play action.
Quick Macros can record menu command messages. Does not record other messages. You probably recorded the men 40046...
Also you can see menu command id (wParam) in Quick Macros status bar.
This works with Winamp but not with Chrome and Desktop. Instead try accessible object functions.
See also SendClickMessage: Mouseclick issue
Thank you.
I'm still learning and I can already say that quick macros is great.
I'm using 2xNumeric Keypads to perform a multitude of functions.

Where is the menu control for winamp beacause I can't see it in status

Where can I see "accessible object functions." or where can I read more about them?
I found accessible object it's the same thing?
The same. To find everything, use the 'Find help, functions, tools' field in Quick Macros window.
Where is the menu control for winamp beacause I can't see it in status
I also tried Tools -> Record Menu

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