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Directly start the Function Helper Dialog "Spec > Multiple"
I find myself writing a lot of functions, is there a line of code that directly starts the following dialog window:

Function Help Editor - Special Lines
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[ ] Description:
[ ] Resturns:
[ ] Parameters: <gets from code>
This is the dialogwindow that has the QM grid layout.

edit: typo
I know the following code initiates the Dialog window, but I do not know howto reproduce the correct syntax that immediatly starts the above mentioned window.

Function TO_HelpSectionEditor
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,case 150 if(TO_HelpSectionSpecDlg(hDlg _s)) TO_HelpSectionSpec _s 1
Macro Macro2202
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if(TO_HelpSectionSpecDlg(_hwndqm _s)) ;;shows the dialog; on OK stores grid CSV into _s and returns 1
,TO_HelpSectionSpec _s 1 ;;converts the CSV to text and inserts the text in the code editor
As always, make/use copies of these 2 functions, because they are QM private functions and may be changed, renamed or removed in the future.
Thank you very much!!

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