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"Failed to open file"
my machine restarted last night and now when QM started it shows this. is there anyway i can fix this file?

Quote:Failed to open file 'C:\Users\ken_gray\My Documents-moved back\My QM\Main.qml'. Error:
Use the File menu to open another file or create new
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The Macro Hook
Probably the file is corrupt.
Try to open a backup file. Look in Options -> Files -> Backup -> Files...

QM files are SQLite databases. Using WAL mode, therefore while QM is running, there also is a .qml-wal file. If you copied etc the main file, also need to copy the wal file.
How to corrupt a SQLite database file:
I was able to open up the backed up version from previous day. the wal file from yesterday was empty so I'm thinking that is a good thing (under the assumption that it is a pending transaction file). files were the same byte size which may also point to no loss but if I changed the same number of characters that may not be the case (i.e. a 'q' to a 't').

An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
SQLite database size often does not change even if you add or delete several KB of data.
If it is important, you can try to fix the corrupt SQLite database. Google for more info.

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