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[solved] send keys faster?

My macro works but I have to watch it type out my variables (they contain my content). Is there a way to speed it up?

I got it a little faster now by using setclip and setsel to copy/paste.

I'm trying to add a new line/carriage return to the end of the string/variable combo below (to combine everything into one piece before pasting). I can't make it work. The regex, \r\n keeps showing up instead of a carriage return.

;<img style="border-top-color:; border-bottom-color:; border-right-color:; border-left-color:" border="0" src="{a[i]}">

Look in key help, there are some links.
Also it depends on the window, maybe it cannot process keys faster.
ahh..spe did the trick. I always thought qm ran as fast as possible by default.

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