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Newbie Questions

From the start. I was always using Tasker but when i instaleed windows 7 it stopped working and my friend recommended Quick Macro 6 , and i must say its really good, but my friend also tolled my about few nice options but i dont know how or where to find them. Atm im playing pokexgames (Tibia pokemon) and i wanted to know if i can setup an option. (My english isnt so good so i will try my best to explain what i have in mind). In the Game i have a rod, when its fishing it haves 1 bubble , if it catches something it changes the picture to many bubbles, my question is if i can make it that when it changes from 1 bubble to multiply bubbles can i "tell" the macro to catch it?(i mean to click on the right spot) and reedo it. You see my problem is that the time from 1 bubble to multiply bubbles is always different sometimes its 4 seconds sometimes 20 seconds. So if some1 understands what im saying ( once again sorry for my english xD) is it possible to make such an option? And if it is possible, could some1 explain my step by step how to change it? I would be most thankful Smile

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