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QM System folder is read-only.
I'm trying to use QmReplaceSystemFunction but

'properties of this folder cannot be changed.'
Delete QmReplaceSystemFunction, now System cannot be modified.
In function ReplaceReplace, I need replace:

if(r.Button8!="1") key CH CSE Ca; 0.2 ;;select all -----> if(r.Button8!="1") key CH CSE Ce; 0.2 ;;select all

Better make/use your copy of that System function.

Or open $qm$\system.qml in a database management program and edit. I recommend SQLite Expert personal. Exit QM before. Run the program as admin, if System.qml is in Program Files.

Or can create macro to modify the file. Use Sqlite class. But need to run it when the file is not open in QM. For example, run the macro from portable QM to modify System.qml of installed QM ($pf$\Quick Macros 2\System.qml). Or create exe that restarts QM.

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