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Custom toolbars and transfer QM from A to B 2.4.0
Dear Gintaras,

Congratulations for this new version with many and promissing new features! QM is continuously improving for more that 10 years now.

Question regarding "Custom toolbars and transfer Quick Macros from computer A to computer B, QM 2.4.0"

You read in QM Online Help - QM macro-list files :

"Now custom toolbars save their position, size and style in file, not in registry. All currently loaded toolbars save in main file, even those that are in shared files."

Question : which actual file (see in Help - Installed files) do you mean in the above sentence. Furthermore, when you transfer from A to B, you copy "$my qm$\Main.qml (Main.qml in My Documents\My QM folder)" from A to B. If custom toolbars settings save their setting in this file, what does it happen when you transfer.

Please advise.

Best regards
The main file is the file that is currently open in QM, not necessary Main.qml. I call it "main" because QM can also load shared files into [s] folders of the main file.

If you are working with file "$my qm$\Main.qml" on computer A, then copy and open the file on computer B, toolbar positions on B will be like on A. As well as tags, open items, expanded folders. Previously would need to export/import QM registry key and copy 2 other files if want to transfer all this to B.

I'll change that statement in the Help file:
Quote:Now custom toolbars save their position, size and style in file, not in registry. All currently loaded toolbars save in current main file (the file that is currently open in QM), even those that are in currently loaded shared files.
Dear Gintaras,

Thank you very much for a very clear reply, which I have just concluded verifying. However, there exist several cases that you need individual settings between two computers. For example, if the two - or perhaps more than two - computers have different screen sizes or/and resolutions. In this case the situation becomes extremely uncomfortable.

Is there any way to overcome this problem, for example by saving toolbar settings in a registry file, or by isolating the part of main.qml in which toolbar settings are stored?

It is with great interest that I expect your invaluable - as usually - advice.

Best regards
Thank you.
In next QM 2.4.0 beta you can have multiple versions of toolbar settings (position, size, style). For example, on computers A and B use version 0 (default) settings, on computers C, D and E use version 1 settings, and so on.
It seems extremely useful.
Best regards
Dear Gintaras,

Thanks for I wonder whether this beta is upgraded as far as it concerns multiple versions of toolbar settings (position, size, style), and if yes how?

Best regards
Yes. In Options you can create different toolbar layouts on different computers. In Options press F1 to read more.
Many thanks, OK I found it in "Layout of toolbars ". Perfect!

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