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[solved] macro won't work in game emulator
I recorded a simple macro of just keystrokes, but they won't play back. The game emulator is null dc. Any thoughts?
When QM keys don't work in a window, the reason can be:
1. The target process runs with higher UAC integrity level (IL) than QM. It is rare, because QM by default runs as administrator, and very few UI programs have higher IL (System). Look in Options/General, should be Administrator or uiAccess, not User.
2. The target process is a Windows 8 fullscreen app, and QM is running as User. Same as above.
3. The target process is somehow protected. For example, if it is an antivirus program. No solution.
4. The target process is a game, and it protects itself from game automation. No solution.
5. The target process uses some other keyboard input method, not like most programs. Usually games. No solution.

I didn't test nulldc, but I guess the reason is 5.
Ahh, I see. Thank you!

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