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[solved] menu bar macro unrelaible
I record a bunch of direction keys being pressed to navigate my menu bar, but doesn't get it right.

I try to add a wait but the time time is the same if I use 0.5 second or 0.002 seconds. I can get this macro to work if I use 0.5 second wait between each button press but that shouldn't be necessary, right?

What is the best way to navigate a file menu using qm??
have you tried menu record instead?
Tools,record other,menu command
Or use underlined letters instead of arrows.
with arrows:
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'Af             ;; Alt+F
'DDDY           ;; Down Down Down Enter
same with underlined letters:
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'A{fa}          ;; Alt+{F A}
Also try the Slow option when recording.
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opt slowkeys 1; spe 1000
'Af             ;; Alt+F
'DDDY           ;; Down Down Down Enter
Slowkeys was perfect for the job. I got it to work with spe 10.

Alt + key doesn't work. This menu is weird (not qm's fault).


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