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Action Buttons for launching macros

I'm brand-new to Quick Macros. In fact I just came across this site during a Google search so I have not yet downloaded the application. Before doing so, I want to ask a question about using action buttons to launch macros.

A while back, I spent a lot of time playing World of Warcraft. During that time, I came across a number of add-ons which enabled users to create their own user interface. A big part of many of the add-ons was the ability to create custom Action Buttons to overlie the screen and act as customizable hotkeys (HotButtons) which by clicking, would launch any of a number of actions. The buttons had a number of great and very helpful features:

• user-defined size or dimensions
• arrange multiple buttons into action bars (or grids or columns)
• position buttons anywhere on the screen
• set to any level of transparency
• always on top but invisible until mouse-over
• insert customizable image or color
• insert text and position it inside the button
• and more

Does Quick Macros include that type of functionality? If not, do you know of an application that does?

Most of it is in Quick Macros custom toolbars.

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