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[solved] captcha solving services

Can qm use external captcha solving services or software[s]?

The ones I had in mind were:
-gsa captcha breaker
-death by captcha

These typically have an api key or dll file.

QM can use dll files, COM components. I am not familiar with the captcha solving services/software.
Hi Gintaras,

I talked to the developers of the two captcha systems I'm buying and this is what they had to say.

1. captchasniper

The browser interfaces with cs. As long as the quickmacros can do the following ithe the browser:

Open a local html file
Click browse (file dialog) in the browser and select a local file (the captcha image)
Click submit button in the browser (this sends the captcha to cs via the browser)
Parse the results of the browser window

2. captchabreaker

First you'll need CB running as webserver and listening on port 80. Download the captcha image you want to use and save it locally. Next, POST it's full path with the variable name 'file' to You'll then get a result from the program that you can parse.

There's even code in this page - ... rk-via-php

I found a comparable function in qm called postformdata. Would that work?

Yes, PostFormData sends POST request. The other tasks also are possible with QM.
That's great news. Thank you.

Your fans were not joking about your incredible support. You are a machine!

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