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msctls_progress32 to function
How can I create msctls_progress32 to this function:

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function str'archivo ARRAY(str)&encontrados
;ARRAY(str) encontrados
;out filefind("notepad.exe" encontrados)
;int i
;for i 0 encontrados.len

,;out encontrados[i]

str comando
str temp.expandpath("$Temp$")
,del "$Temp$\resultados.txt"
ChDir "C:\"
comando.format("/c dir %s /b/s>%s\resultados.txt" archivo temp)
run "%COMSPEC%" comando "" "" 2
str texto.getfile("$Temp$\resultados.txt")
,goto texto
;out texto
ret encontrados.len
How would you periodically get % time elapsed? Of course you can easily get it if you know how long the file will be locked.
I don't know to do it.
To use progress bar, you need to know or calculate (approximately) how long the process lasts. Then you can open nonmodal dialog with progress bar, and periodically update it while waiting.
In this case I don't know how long the process lasts.
it cannot become.
The function filefind works in Windows Xp but not in Windows 2000.

Do you know why?
temp path contains spaces. Use " or temp.dospath.
Now, it works.


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