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Text found, action

How can i search for text, when it is found i want a listbox with several options, when an option has selected, the found text should be replaced by it.

Is this possible?


Yes it is possible, but can you precise where the text is to be found? Is it in a file? a web page? Smile

The text is extracted and placed in a string. From there this should take place.
without knowing more here is a basic example

Function Function5
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str s="string i am **** checking"
int i=findw(s "****")
if i!=-1
,sel(list("option 1[]option 2[]option 3"))
,,case 1
,,out "this is option 1"
,,s.findreplace("****" "option 1" 2"")
,,case 2
,,out "this is option 2"
,,s.findreplace("****" "option 2" 2"")
,,case 3
,,s.findreplace("****" "option 3" 2"")
,,case else ret
out s

can use other functions to search string as well

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