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[solved] Can this generate programming code with my actions?

I'm thinking of buying this interesting program.

I'd like to know if I can generate programming code with my actions to edit and compile into an exe.

I want something similar to selenium web automation.
Does selenium's generate code only work inside selenium?
Can I compile that into an exe?

Thanks for reading.
Hello there and welcome!

Yes you can record a macro. If you do so, all your mouse movements, clicks, all the keys you press will generate a code after the recording is done and you can compile it into an .exe file.
You can also adjust the code to your needs if something went wrong during the recording.

Cheers mate! Smile
Thanks for the quick response.

Just to confirm, this will generate programming code when I interact with a *web browser* ?

The idea I have is to click certain buttons in my web browser automatically.
Yap that's correct. Quick Macros finds HTML elements and interacts with them generating code while doing so.

Big Grin
Quote:I'd like to know if I can generate programming code with my actions to edit and compile into an exe.
If "generate" means "record", yes, but Quick Macros does not have a web recorder. You can record keys and mouse, but it is usually not reliable in web pages because of their volatile structure. Will need to use dialogs to create code for each action (link click etc).

Quote:Does selenium's generate code only work inside selenium?
I did not use/test Selenium. If it generates code in VbScript, C# or VB.NET, then Quick Macros can run the code.

In any case, you can make .exe from it.
Thank you.

what are "dialogs"? Is it possible to use qm's IDE to automate the browser by searching for html tags, DOM objects, etc? I want to make an exe that works on any browser so I want the actions to work independent of any browser specific api.

While I have you here, can scan for image work when the match is imperfect (eg different resolution). If not, can I use an addon in qm to fix it?
scan: try "Allowed color difference" in dialog "Find Image". Read more in scan help.
web browser tags/objects - to create code use dialogs from the floating toolbar -> "Windows, controls" menu. Accessible objects will work in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome; although may need different code for each browser, because they implement accessible objects differently. Html elements will work only in Internet Explorer. Other dialogs are not useful in web browser, maybe only "Find Image" sometimes.
I tried using accessible objects, but I'm a little confused with it.

Is accessible objects powerful enough to build a web screen scraper and to click specific links/buttons with? I can figure out the rest later, I just need to know that I can do the things that I need.

Can I use api with qm's ide to automate chrome, ff, opera?

I saw that web recorder was in the works a while back. Will it be included in the future?

Sorry for asking so many questions. I just like to do my research before buying.

I do think qm is the best macros software out there. I've looked at mtjnet, autoit, autohotkey, winautomation, sikuli, ptfb, quickmacO, macroexpert.
In dialog "Find Accessible Object" you see all objects of the drag-captured window at the bottom. In a macro you can get/find/click any or all of the objects.

Accessible objects work in IE, Firefox, Chrome. Used to work in Opera too, but not with the latest Opera version.

In web browsers, not all HTML tags are accessible objects. To get all tags, in IE use HTML element functions (Htm class or classes from MSHTML type library), in Firefox and Chrome use FFNode class. Not everything is easy for non-programmers.

Web recorder should be added in the future, but I cannot say when.
Can you recommend any free/paid software to record web macros (that I can hopefully put into qm and compile into exe?) I looked into compiling c# code into exe but it requires .net, doesn't it?
C# needs .NET, yes.
Some web recorder programs can create exe files, but I don't know programs that can create code that QM can execute directly.
Which programs did you have in mind? (ones that can compile exe.)
It seems this my knowledge is too old. Macro Scheduler used to have a web recorder and exe compiler.

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