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QM for Mouse Buttom
Hello I'm from Brazil, and I have no idea how to use QM, but I was thrilled with the software, I thank you all.

I am looking to create a macro for any Generic Mouse that lacks a dedicated software with Razer example, the macro in question would be this:

Left Buttom Down
  Delay 0.008 seconds
Left Buttom Up
  Delay 0.008 seconds
Left Buttom Down
  Delay 0.008 seconds
Left Buttom Up
Hey there!

That left mouse up and left mouse down is the press and release button?
The comand for left mouse click is "lef" so what you want is something like:

Function teste
Copy      Help
wait 0.008
wait 0.008

Can you be more specific on what you really want? That way would be easier to help Big Grin
Sorry yes, it is a macro for Games'm simply taking the already created macros in Razer, to adapt in a Mouse without Generic Software.

Play while assigned key is pressed or Repeatedly while the button is Down

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