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multipage dialog, execute code when on certain page number
I have a dialog that contains 2 pages, when I click a button called "generate" from first page it goes to the second page (page 1).

Question: How can I execute code on page 1 (second page))?
The code may only run specifically when user is on page 1 (second page).

In a one page-dialogbox (normal, none-multipage) I would simply put the code under "WM_INITDIALOG" which worked perfectly.

Question: And how can I output this in the output window:
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page: #

(#= current pagenumber of multipage dialogbox).
DT_Page does not store page number in a variable. Just hides/shows controls. You can store it in an int- variable when switching page with DT_Page.

case 3 ;;Button
int- t_page
DT_Page hDlg t_page
execute code on page 1
out t_page
Thank you !!!

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