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Dialog Browser converting URL to mobile version
Hi Gintaras,
This is weird. All of a sudden, a url formatted search query is being reformatted by the website after being sent to the browser object in the typical fashion. (url.setwintext(id(1001 hDlg)). The final url is the mobile site version of the url. I am not sure whether there is some browser setting of the dialog browser that would communicate this to the website. Or is it that the browser dialog window may be hidden when it get the setwintext?
Strange, not sure if there is an easy answer but I have seen this with a few different sites now.
I think the website redirects to other URL. Internet Explorer or web browser itself should not do it.
setwintext just calls Navigate method of SHDocVw.WebBrowser.
If your dialog uses COM events to display address, and the displayed web page is correct but the displayed address is incorrect: look in the event function (we3_DocumentComplete or similar), maybe it is called several times, and the last URL is incorrect.
If displayed page also is incorrect, maybe it depends on 'user agent' HTTP header that the web browser control sends. Should be possible to change it, but I don't know how.
thanks! will look into all those possibilities.

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