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Read / write macro
can anyone help me ?
i need a macro that reads offsets value and if its different from what i need writes a new value.

For ex. i have a program.exe
i have offset address - main.dll+0x01010101
and current float value is 2,5
i need macro to overwrite this value fox ex to 3,5 and if it changes to another value other than 3,5
overwrite it as soon as possible

thx in advance
Read/write memory of other process? Use class __ProcessMemory.
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int w=win("Window Name")
__ProcessMemory m.Alloc(w 0)
double d ;;or FLOAT d, it's 4 bytes, double is 8 bytes
rep 1
,m.ReadOther(&d address sizeof(d))
,out d
,if d!=3.5
,,m.WriteOther(address &d sizeof(d))
thank you,
everything works flawlessly right now with static address
byte* address=+0x02020202
but i have a question how do i use it with dynamic address/pointer "main.dll+0x010101"?
Don't know, look somewhere in stackoverflow, I can help to convert code eg from C++ to QM.
Can try CreateToolhelp32Snapshot/Module32First etc, but it will not work with 64-bit processes. The same with EnumProcessModules and EnumProcessModulesEx.
See also: ... er-process ... ionProcess

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