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Define new constants
Yesterday I experimented with 'def' to define my own constants.
I created a macro that contains my own constants called "_QM_CUSTOM_CONSTANTS_"
I replaced items in all my other macros that with items declared in "_QM_CUSTOM_CONSTANTS_"

The problem was that I got an error when running a macro I was working on, the constant was not recognized.
I got the macro working by opening "_QM_CUSTOM_CONSTANTS__" and pressing the 'compile' button "...prepares macro to run, but does not run..." (the declared constants went from black to yellow/green).
After that all the other macros works.

Is there a way to make every other macro I create automatically make correct use my: "_QM_CUSTOM_CONSTANTS_"
(without having to open "_QM_CUSTOM_CONSTANTS_" and press the compile button?).

I read in the helpfile 'def' section about:
...reference files and type libraries,... , but I still do know how to properly make use of: 'Always Add System' or 'Always Add These Shared Files'.
Better let it be function, not macro. Then QM will recompile it when you change something in it and open other macro.
Call it from a function that runs when QM starts, for example from your function "init2", because it runs first, if exists.
Or add #compile "_QM_CUSTOM_CONSTANTS_" in function "init2" or in macros where the constants are used.
Or use it with ref, eg add ref CO "_QM_CUSTOM_CONSTANTS_" in function "init2". Then in macros can use CO.SelectFromPopupList.

The "Always add shared files" option is not related.
Thank you very much!!!

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