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Redirecting keyboard shortcuts
Hi Gintaras, hi all

happy user of Windows 8.1 (i'm sure i'm not alone), i anyway bear some OS functions that I'd like to correct to my own needs.

One is the fact that many WIN+modifier keys are tied to pure OS functions, and block some programs
that actually are configured to use them without possibility (yet) to customize them.

For instance, Listary heavily relies on the Win+S shortcut, which i never use in Windows OS.

Is QM able to deal with that situation, i.e intercept Win+s keys and inject them to one program only, Listary for instance?

In Options/Triggers check low level keyboard hook.
Then create macro with Win+S trigger, let it do the same action in Listary without Win+S, if possible. If not possible, try to send WM_HOTKEY message, but need to know to which window/control to send.

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