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Enumerate Files returning duplicates
I am enumerating a directory through the dialog but it is returning different paths to the same files.
Macro playground
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Dir d
foreach(d "C:\*" FE_Dir 4)
,str path=d.FileName(1)
,out path

For example, every file in My Documents is returning 4 times

C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\My Documents\temp Crypt\data\textStorage.dat
C:\Users\Eric\My Documents\temp Crypt\data\textStorage.dat
C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Documents\temp Crypt\data\textStorage.dat
C:\Users\Eric\Documents\temp Crypt\data\textStorage.dat

I think this is related to special folders but I don't see how to exclude them
Probably there are symbolic links. A symbolic link is similar to a shortcut (.lnk) file. Unlike with a shortcut, FE_Dir and most Windows API functions see the symbolic link as it would be a real folder, and enumerates files in it. Therefore FE_Dir can enter the same real folder 2 or more times (directly and through symbolic links).

FE_Dir and other QM functions don't have an option to skip symbolic links. Need to create new function, much work, I cannot find an easy workaround. Would need to skip folders that have attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_REPARSE_POINT. Probably will add such option in next QM.

Most symbolic links are hidden, unless unchecked "Hide protected OS files" in Folder Options.
Macro Show symbolic links
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;This macro shows all symbolic links in C:\.
;If black, FE_Dir will get files in the target folder. If red, will not get.

Dir d
foreach(d "C:\*" FE_Dir 1|4)
,int a=d.FileAttributes
,,str s=d.FileName(1)
,,int fh=FindFirstFile(F"{s}\*" &fd)
,,if(fh=-1) out F"<><c 0xff>{s}        ({_s.dllerror})</c>"
,,else FindClose(fh); out s

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