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Outex with Text Color
Function init2
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;This function runs when QM starts or this macro list file [re]loaded.

;... other stuff

def red 0xff
def blue 0xff0000
def lightblue 0xFAFCCF
def green 0x8000
def purple 0xA9196F
def orange 0x7373FF
def pink 0xD53EE3
def white 0xffffff

;... more stuff

Function outc
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function VARIANT's color;; color: red, blue, green


out F"<><c {color}>{_s}</c>"

Macro Example
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_s="Blue"; _i=1

outc "An example:" red
outc F"{_s} is the {_i}st color" blue

I would like to do the same with 'outex'. I have tried: SendMessageW __outex_hwnd with TVM_SETTEXTCOLOR, SetTextColor __outex_hwnd 0xff... but nothing works. Text Color, background color, maybe other fonts...

Any help?
Impossible, too much work. Would need to replace the rich edit control to a control similar to the QM_Output control, but there is no such control.

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