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Change Excel File name to Current Date

I wish to copy an instance of an excel file onto the same folder and then rename it with the current date.
I used the 'cop+' method to copy that file.
Now I want the progam to find the newly created file and change its name to the current date.
I could use the find image method to scan for 'Copy' and then rename it.
But maybe you could suggest me a better method please.
And I have no idea on how to get just the current date.
Lastly, I need to open the newly created excel file by referring to its name.

Best Regards,
Macro Macro2130
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str file1="$my qm$\test\test.txt"
str file2.timeformat("$my qm$\test\test-{yyyy-MM-dd}.txt") ;;code created using the Text dialog
cop- file1 file2
run file2

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