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Grid Item Selection - Proprietry CRM Software Update

My name is Philip and I work as an administrator for an automobiles company in the UAE.

We work on a software called Autoline which is what almost all established automobile companies around the world use.

Now, I am given mundane tasks on and off to update about 1,000 odd entries manually from an excel file (pricing change) onto the specific vehicle record in Autoline.

I was able to macro record most of the actions.

However, there is a data grid in Autoline, in which I need to search for a particuler record with the entry reading 'Free Extended Warranty', double click to open it and then change the price.

I do not how to program the search and selest the row when found.
If found the mouse should point to the coordinates of that grid line and double click it.

Could you please help me with this.

Much Appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance.
Best Regards,
Use one of 3 methods, whichever works with the grid. To create code, use dialogs from floating toolbar -> Window,control.

1. Find and click accessible object. When you drag the 'Drag' tool over the grid item, if it does not show a rectangle around the grid item, this method cannot be used.

2. Find and click window text item. Select the grid and click Test. If it does not show a rectangle around the grid item, this method cannot be used.

3. Find and click image of the grid item. Capture image and click Test. It should always work.

With methods 2 and 3, the grid item must be visible, ie may need to scroll to make it visible.
With method 1, try a.DoDefaultAction, it usually works even when the item is not visible.
Thanks Gintaras. You are a hero.
Third option worked like a breeze.

Although an update and request to you.
All three option detected the grid with a rectangle.
The 'accessible object' method even listed out the windows involved and the grid with their child etc.
However, I was not able to find the required grid record which says 'Free Extended Warranty'
I am sure it would be faster and efficient to search for a field using accessible object method than the graphic method.
If you are still developing QM, maybe you could consider this as well.

However, I can't say enough on how much I appreciate your work on QM and quick response on the forum.
I am purchasing the QM registration code just the same.

Thanks again.
Best Regards,

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