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When installing the evaluation version, I get a security alert from Webroot SecureAnywhere that the file quickmacrosportable.exe contains a Trojan. It is put in quarantaine.

How come?
I usually test qm program files with None of the 44 antivirus programs find false positives. But Webroot SecureAnywhere is not there, I cannot test.

quickmacrosportable.exe is used only in portable Quick Macros. Normal installed Quick Macros will work without it, but you cannot create portable Quick Macros.
Ok, I've seen the test results, there are some antivirus I like and use as well (NOD32) so I removed the file from quarantaine.
I'm now waiting for the promotion to buy the full product.

From Webroot SecureAnywhere support:
Quote:Webroot Support (Aug 12, 2013 10:05)
RE:False positive in quickmacrosportable.exe


Thank you for your report. We have researched your report and have updated the security definitions to address this issue. The program will now install without any alerts. This change will be pushed to all our users, alternatively your users can run the process below.

Following reports such as yours, we recommend you run one Deep Scan with Webroot Secure Anywhere. To do so, please follow the instructions below.

Open the Webroot Software:

1. Click PC Security in the top tab of the Webroot Secure Anywhere window.
2. Open the Scan tab.
3. Click the Custom Scan link.
4. The default scan option is "Deep". Click Scan.

This will start a Deep Scan of your system. Please let us know if these actions have not resolved the issue.

Thank you,
Roy Tobin,
Threat Research

Very fast response.
Indeed, that's why I use this software since many years. One of the best I've ever used.
But you are fast as well, thank you for that!

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