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Gmail vs QM round 2
since qm doesnt do SSL yet, i'm trying to find out if there is a way to grab the screen content.

if i have an email pulled up is it possible to grab the email cantent and search for a specific string?

im looking for a way to quickly forward some email forms i recieve to someone else and change the subject depending on a value in the form.

once you have the message as single file you can
assign header, title and body by some fancy regex
as variables.

do you mean something like this ?
i can get that part of it but i just cant seem to get it out of the gmail system easily (i dont want to start doing a 3rd program to go get it like outlook or pine).
In IE:

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Htm el=htm("DIV" "" "[]<DIV class=''mb cb''>*" "Gmail" "1/2" 42 0x24)
str s=el.Text
out s

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