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Window`s name changes

Is it possible to refer to a window not by it`s name tag?

like if i`ve window called "aaa" then i use act "aaa", but my makro colapsed when the window name has changed to "bbb" for ex.

1. Partial window name.
2. Window class.
3. Window handle.

When you record, are inserted commands like this:

int w1=win("Quick Macros - Ok - [Macro98]" "QM_Editor")

Here w1 is window handle. It can be used instead of window name. However, it cannot be used to refer to another instance of the window.

Here "Quick Macros - Ok - [Macro98]" is window name. Since part of it is not constant, you can use only "Quick Macros -".

Here "QM_Editor" is window class. If it is unique, you can use it instead of window name. With commands other than win, prepend +, eg "+QM_Editor".

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