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Run qm without tray
How do i hide the qm systray icon for users without admin account on a computer?
I would like to test installing qm on all the computers in the company network.
Probably cannot hide tray icon depending on a condition. Only unconditionally in Options - hide icon or lock file.
But can prevent showing QM depending on a condition. Try QM trigger 'Show QM'. By careful when creating the macro; if cannot open QM, use a backup file.

Function Function214
Trigger @16     Help - how to add the trigger to the macro
Copy      Help
if(getopt(nthreads)>1) ret
shutdown -3
inpp "[*6528F88959A888A306*]" "Password: zz" "Show QM" 1 ;;show password input box. If Cancel or incorrect password, end macro.
shutdown -4
installing qm on all computers is not a good idea at all in my customers network.
i created a simple exe running in systray of the admin account which is telling the webserver current dynamic IP.
meaning that this exe also should act as qm tcp server keeping connection with qm tcpcilent exe on each computer.

so i send a wakeup to one computer and can wait for the client to send a ready signal.

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