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Adobe Windows
Does any body know how to focus the Photoshop window, not specific to the open document? Sees like all the Adobe products try to focus according to the document you are currently working on. I just want to focus the Application Photoshop no matter what I have opened. Other programs seem to do it the same way but other do not. I would appreciate any links to help topics dealing with this as well. Thanks

this is what I get:
int w1=win("© SNAG_Program-0002.png @ 100% (Layer 0, RGB/8)" "Photoshop")
int w1=win("""Photoshop")

int w2=win("""Notepad++")

int w3=win("""Flash12")

int w4=win("""illustrator")

This way seems to be an answer, I think you can pretty much put any name of the Window Class and (where as Flash CS6's class is Flash12) and make it work. I threw in Notepad++ to show an example of even non Adobe (Adobe being what I was having the problem with) working with this procedure. To anybody that does not understand you can get the class by leaving Quick Macro main window open and hovering over the program you want to get it for. If anybody has any better feed back let me know. I am evaluating Quick Macros, and I am blown away with how great it is!

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