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can we use that ... On-LAN-WOL ?
Does it have a command line program, a dll, or just C++ code?
the all in one zip has c++ code
MacFinder - exe
PowerOn -exe
RemoteMacFinder has no debug folder

what i do:
i compiled an exe which does show a menu with computers to connect to with remote desktop.
it loads the connection info by sending menu selection to a php script on the webserver.
now with having IP and port i replace the placeholders from my rdpTemplate (btw. using a TS macro so that qm throws no errors),
save as "$temp$\rdp.rdp" and run "$temp$\rdp.rdp"
but when the remote computer is not ready with waking up, then the windows rdp clients ends with a connection timeout.
i am not sure if setting "autoreconnect max retries:i:100" as option in the rdp file really always works.

i looked at your TcpSocket example, seems that sending UDP packets is possible.
i need to send a magic packet to a router which has port direction (extern 5301 to to 9) and wait for some response that the computer is ready for rdp.
my router seems can send WOL once a signal reached the external port.
i can see in teamviewer contact list that the computer is waking up, but my macro needs something back to continue.

one way possibly could be to compile TcpSocket as exe for that, but then i would to have create extra rules in firewall and also deploy it to all computers (currently 8).
updating what would be pain in the ass.
other solution would be to install qm on all computers, which also means i would have to spend some time with setting up.

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