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Problem wiith Blank labels in DotNetFindControls
Hi Gintaras,
I am using DotNetControls to get text from an app and it works great if there are label names like this:

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name=SiteLabel""  class=""  text="Site X"

but much of the text is in located in lines where the label is empty: "" like this:

Quote:name="" class="" text="Site X"

When I use the DotNetFindControl it only returns the first one with the "" label.

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int SampleControl= DotNetFindControl(=win("App" "") "")
str Name.getwintext(SampleControl)
out Name

Is there any way to return them all.
I could probably then text scrape out what I need if they come in an array (i.e. the one that matches a certain RegEx or the one that follows an invariant label, etc).
Thanks for any ideas!
I see that this is exactly what DotNetShowControlNames - I could put it's return into an array and parse it that way!

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