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macro bug
I have a macro that closes programs but different actions depending on the program being closed.
however, when i'm trying to close the QM editor, it stalls for about 5 seconds about 80% of the time. it doesn't do this with any other prog just the qm editor. any ideas why?
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;bee "C:\my Downloads\sounds\system\doorbellds9.wav"
ifa "Netscape"
,str x
,x=mes("Leave Netscape Open?" "" "YN")
,if x=89
,,act "Netscape"
ifa "Player Window"
ifa "Field Explorer"
ifa "xplorer²"
,men 32907 "xplorer²" ;;Save settings now
On my computer it runs well. Maybe it is related to auto saving. Try how it works if you at first click the Save button.
WOW...that works great...
is it cuz i never actually "saved" the macro after all this time?

QM periodically automatically saves important changes. Less important changes are automatically saved only on certain events, such as the Save button, closing QM, opening other file.

Normally, saving does not take more than half second. Maybe your file is on other computer?

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